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10 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day

By Robert Bencivenga


The following 10 questions will help you to become the person you would like to be: a deliberate creator of your life, rather than a powerless victim of circumstances and monkey-mind chatter. These questions will lead you toward creating your own reality through a conscious focus on identifying and concentrating on your core values, desires and ambitions. Through deliberate thought and the generous repercussions of gratitude, you can realize your dreams. Read on and let’s get started!

1. In the morning when I open my eyes, what is the first thing I think about?

Does the thought make me feel loving, joyous, peaceful and empowered, or does it make me feel fearful, doubtful, less than and worried.

2. The way I’m being -- is it in line with what I want to have or achieve in my life? 

A few “ways of being” include alignment with one’s vision, honoring one’s integrity, being responsible, patient, disciplined and so forth. Does who you’re being line up with the life that you would like to create?

3. Throughout the day, where do I place my attention and focus? 

What we focus on expands! If you investigate your life, you will quickly recognize the subject of your attention. How is your health, your bank account and your sense of self? How are your relationships?

4. Am I being 100% responsible, 100% of the time? 

Take complete responsibility for the moment-to-moment experiences of your life. The life you encounter is the one you’ve created. This, in and of itself, will drastically alter your life. Just this one thing alone!

5. What am I committed to

Am I being driven by my vision or my circumstances

6. What is causing me the most inner conflict and stress? 

How do I transform those? Am I willing to let them go? What values are they in conflict with? How can I change how I’m experiencing this?

7. Am I operating with integrity? 

Do my actions match my words? Am I honoring my word when I agree to something but know deep down that I can’t accomplish it? Nothing works without integrity!

8. Is what I’m involved in adding value to other people’s lives?

Do I feel good about what I’m contributing to both the world and my relationships? If I take a hard look at my day to day, am I following my bliss, while also not stepping on anyone’s toes?  

9. Have I expressed my gratitude for even the simplest of things today? 

Every day, notice new things to be grateful for. You’ll most likely feel more alive, and develop a stronger connection to your higher self.

10. Am I present for my own life and consciously creating it? 

Am I choosing my responses or am I simply reacting to my circumstances? Are my choices in line with my vision, purpose and values?

What’s another powerful question that you’d like to ask yourself every single day? Share it in the comments below. I look forward to getting inspired by your questions!

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Robert Bencivenga

About the author

I’ll be your guide on this journey.

I want to make sure you don’t wake up one day feeling your life has passed you by, and you haven’t lived your best life to its fullest!

I’ve studied ancient eastern spiritual philosophies, transformational psychology, and brain science for over 40 years. 

I developed simple practices that you can use anytime and anywhere, to help you create the life you deserve.

I share practical tools and insights, so you can live a life of your own choosing, regardless of your circumstances....

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