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The Easy Way To Eliminate Anxiety, Self-Doubt, And Worry From Your Life

I was feeling stuck and unfulfilled in my life, until Bob pointed out to me it wasn’t me who was stuck, but my thinking. Bob is a master at transforming your thinking, and shifting who you’re being, so you can be your best self and live your best life. His simple tools and practices he shared with me are amazing!

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The 12 Hidden Ways Of Being

The Easy Path to Release Self-Imposed Suffering (By Shifting Who You're Being) To End Anxiety, Doubt, And Fear

This Roadmap leads to the peace and fulfillment that exists on the other side of endless mind chatter 


The 12 Hidden Ways Of Being Manuscript

Have you noticed there are times your life is filled with happiness, inner peace, personal power, and financial freedom?  And times it's not?

So what causes this?  Is it what you're Doing? No, it's the WAY YOU'RE BEING.

Working harder won't get you the life you really want, changing your circumstances won't either!

Changing your mindset, practicing visualizations, repeating affirmations, positive thinking and setting goals will do nothing, if you don't shift who you're Being.

Fixating on stories, meaning and beliefs you've created in your mind leaves you feeling as if you're not enough and unworthy!

I looked at these time in my life I was free of fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety. I realized it was the result of how I was Being at that moment.

So, I developed "The 12  Ways Of Being" to share with you!

You'll see how easy life becomes, success just seems to flow to you, and "suffering" disappears.

Let's get started...

Even if you only live 10 percent of the time in alignment with the 12 Ways Of Being, you’ll be 90 percent ahead of most people.


The 12 Hidden Ways Of Being  Workbook

By its very nature, our minds are negative and judgmental.

So, if you focus on the content in it, you can never create a life filled with joy in which you feel complete, whole, and totally comfortable in your own skin.

I provided you with the “12 Ways of Being” Workbook to help you clearly see the thought identities and self-images created in your mind.

From these identities, you form emotional patterns and habitual actions that keep you stuck in fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety having you experience a life you really don’t want!

By practicing these exercises, your old patterns will have less of a “hold” on you.

 You’ll have created a space to choose more empowering ways of Being, which will radically transform your life and business.

Let's get started...

This Workbook gives you your unfair (but well deserved) advantage to get access to the life you deserve! 


The 12 Hidden Ways Awareness Meditation 

This is your secret weapon to connect to the Present Moment!

I've included my "Awaken Your Awareness" meditation to directly connect you to the Awakened Awareness and Expanded Consciousness that's already and always available within you.

I've purposely made this meditation short, simple, and easy to use. It doesn't matter what level of expertise you have with meditation, you'll get great benefits from it!

I reveal all the benefits of connecting to your Awakened Awareness in this meditation.

One of its main benefits is by connecting to Awareness, conscious choice becomes available to you so you can experience a life of your own choosing, rather than feeling you're at the mercy of your own life.

Awaken Your Awareness Meditation MP3

Unlock Your True Nature...

Your True Nature is one in which you’re whole, complete, and full of love!

So, what happened?… Why don’t you feel that way?

Your mind got involved weaving stories, meanings, and beliefs through your thinking and created “thought identities”... And then you began to protect and justify these identities at all cost.

You had a divine beginning and yet you made your mind your “god” and forgot where you came from.

You need to be in the Present Moment to reconnect with your True Nature to feel peaceful, content, and fulfilled, but you can’t get there through your mind!

In order to release the things that trigger you and keep you stuck, you need to get present to them.

When you’re so busy defending some “illusory self” you’ve created in your now mind, from thought identities that aren’t even true, you’re totally missing your life in the present moment.

You choose how you feel about things…. All suffering is self-imposed and optional!

By connecting to your True Nature and feeling totally complete just the way you are...


New Possibilities

New Possibilities for Living will become available to you.  You’ll have the Freedom and Power to consciously create the life you choose!


Feeling You're Stuck Disappears

Feeling Your Life is Stuck will disappear… you’re only stuck in your head.  Life won’t feel overwhelming any longer!


Suffering Ceases

Suffering will cease as you learn how to be in the flow of your own life.  Your Unconscious Blocks will become evident and reprogrammed!

Transform Your Thinking and Shift Who You're Being With The 12 Hidden Ways Of Being

What's Included In

The 12 Hidden Ways Of Being

  • The digital Manuscript gives you access to a different way of Being. Experience life free of fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety.
  • The "follow-along" digital Workbook  guides you through taking a deeper look at the everyday "thought identities" and "patterns", trapped in your mind.
  • The downloadable MP3, "Awaken Your Awareness", connects you to the Awareness and Expanded Consciousness that already exists within you. 

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Get It ALL Today for Just $17

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing program, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

Bob is a genie when it comes to helping people live their best life. I use his practices and tools every day to transform my thinking, and experience the life I truly want to have! There’s nothing like his Mind Release Method. It lifted the weight of years of fear, doubt, and worry off my shoulders. I feel totally energized and free.


Tim M.

My business has exploded after one conversation with Bob! I had such an incredible breakthrough regarding the blocks and barriers I had accepted as truth regarding abundance and prosperity!


John S.

Robert has combined his many years of experience and studies in Ancient Spiritual Practices, Transformational Psychology, and Brain Science to help people rid themselves of their limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors, so they can feel fulfilled and live a life of freedom and power, with joy, peace, and full self-expression.


Gayle H.

Using these 3 Easy Steps has changed my life. That knot in the pit of my stomach has disappeared! 


Marc M.

You Can STOP Being A Person That Life Just happens to and START Living as A person who consciously Creates The Life You Really Want!

release your limiting beliefs

Release the limiting beliefs holding you back from being all you can be. 

You'll be able to live a fulfilled life, with no regrets.

let go of dead-end thinking

By letting go of dead-end thinking, you'll have the control. freedom, and power to align your thinking with your values, and the vision you have for your life.

love your life

Learn how to create exactly the life you want, by letting go of  your circumstances. 

A life in which you'll have joy, peace, and prosperity.

Who Is Bob Bencivenga?

Here's What I Discovered That I Know Will Help You

I understand how it feels to have crippling beliefs and self-doubt. Growing up I was bullied, which left me with self-doubt that held me back from being all I could be, for a very long time!

I never felt good enough, capable enough, or confident enough. But, I was determined to learn and grow into all I could possibly be!

So, for many years, I studied self-awareness, transformational psychology, metaphysics, the mind-body connection, theology, spirituality and more.

My research made me realize that when I stopped living at the effect and mercy of my circumstances, and transformed my thinking... the meanings and beliefs I assigned to things... I could finally live the life I really wanted.

And I'd like to help you do the same!

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