12 Hidden Ways of Being

12 Hidden Ways Of Being

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The secret to Having the life you really want is in the ways you're Being, not in what you're Doing! If you were already Being who you needed to be to have the life you wanted, you'd already have it.

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Breathwork with Akasha Searcey

Unleashing the Power of Your Breathe for Optimal Health, Vitality, and Well-Being

Breathing Exercises to Shift Your Energy and Elevate Your Frequency

Akasha Searcey who leads this Breathwork has taught Yoga for over 25 years. She's a Gong Master and Sound Therapist. She's created multiple therapeutic programs for private businesses all over the USA and facilitates a RYS 200 and 300 program based in Vinyasa Flow. She hosts retreats and workshops all around the world and holds seven different certifications in various Yoga styles. She's helped hundreds unleash their light with her Soul Coaching program and private Therapeutic Yoga practice.