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What Is A Conscious Creator and Why You Want To Be One

By Robert Bencivenga


A Big Question for You…

“You’re fully participating in your life,

but it’s still not the way you want it … WHY?!”

The world is divided into two types of people… Conscious Creators and Unconscious Creators.

Most people are Unconscious Creators attached to and stuck in the content of their mind. They don’t understand why their life happens to them by default… they’re not happy with their job, their partner, the economy, the world, and themselves. They feel victimized, insecure, and out of control. Unconscious creators don’t realize they’re creating their own suffering unconsciously. They keep looking outside themselves to find their best life.

Conscious Creators have a clear vision of the life they really want and know everything will turn out right. Regardless of their circumstances, they continue to vibrate at a frequency of love, kindness, and gratitude which attracts the life they desire. They have ultimate trust in the connection to their Higher Self and take 100% responsibility for the life they experience. They spend most of their time in the present moment.

Here’s What a Master Had to Say…

Carl Jung was a world renown psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology.

He said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” You’ll believe that’s the only life you’re capable of.

The Problems of the Unconscious Creator

You have the same negative thoughts each day, each week, and even for months on end.

You “react” to things in the same way you’ve always “reacted” regardless of the situation, so you keep creating the same outcomes over and over again.

You’re obsessed with having to change your circumstances to survive and just get through your day. You’re afraid of your own life!

You feel your life just happens to you despite how you’d like it to be.

You never have any time for self-care and just basking in the moment. You’re always rushing around.

You feel like you’re just a quarter turn off from having your best life, but you just don’t know how to get there.

You feel you have so much more to give inside you, but your circumstances just keep getting in the way.

You’re not clear about your soul’s purpose or the vision for your life.

You keep setting the same goals year after year but never reach them.

You’re exhausted all day long because you’re always lost in your noisy overloaded mind.

A BIG Myth … Your Mind Will Create the Life You Really Want

This is one of the most false, destructive myths because it keeps you creating the same life you already have!

Here’s What Our Minds are Busy Doing…

The National Science Foundation says 85% of our thoughts are negative and repetitive.

Our mind is filled with fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety.

Our time is spent regretting a past that is already gone or worrying about a future that isn’t even here yet.

Our present life is based on unconscious stories and meanings given to us when we were young children.

We spend our time in our minds comparing, criticizing, and complaining.

Our minds provide us with unconscious pre-programmed reactions to things that happen on autopilot without us having a chance to decide if that’s the life we really want to create!  

What kind of big, bold, powerful life could ever be created
by focusing on that stuff in your mind??!!

Your mind keeps creating the same life over and over again. It can’t do anything but that!

If you want to create anything new in your life, you can’t create it by focusing on the content in your mind.

You can only experience the Life You Really want by consciously creating it outside your mind!

Your unconscious mind can only create a life by “default”, not one of your own choosing. You end up feeling like life is happening to you rather than for and with you. A life in which you’re always just trying to survive your circumstances.

The unconscious mind can’t create the Life You Really Want or you’d already have it!

Creating the Same Life Over and Over Again

Imagine if you drove your car based only on where you’ve already been, you would never get to any new places. The same thing applies when trying to use your mind to get to the New Life you desire.

When you start to become conscious of your mind’s programs and patterns, you can then choose to create something different.

As Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results!”

We’re all blessed with immense Consciousness and Awareness. It’s always and already available to us, but we spend 95% of our time lost in the unconscious programs of our mind creating the same experiences over and over again.

We spend our time telling ourselves the same stories about our kids, partner, family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and ourselves for days, weeks, and even months at a time. And then we wonder why we experience the same life we’ve always had.

Experiencing the Life You Really Want

Our Brain makes approximately 35,000 decisions every day and consumes 20% of our energy. It can’t possibly stop to think about each decision. To save energy, it reacts to situations in a knee-jerk, preprogrammed, unconscious way on autopilot.

It makes the same decisions over and over again to keep us feeling safe, comfortable, and familiar.

And that creates the same life over and over again.

We need to become a Conscious Creator to ever experience the Life We Really Want.

The life you experience is 100% your own creation. That’s why it’s so important to become a Conscious Creator of Your day… Your week… Your month… Your year…YOUR LIFE!

As a Conscious Creator you believe the world doesn’t happen to you, but rather you create it yourself based on your vibration and what you’ve chosen to focus your attention on.

You’re acting from being the deliberate Cause of the life you desire, of the “reality” you want to experience, not from being at the Effect and Mercy of your circumstances!

How To Do It…

Our goal here is to become less interested and attached to the constant stream of thoughts that pop into your mind and that endless little voice that’s always chattering in your head.

You are not your thoughts…they come and go constantly, but yet you remain.

And why do we want to do this…because it allows you to connect to the Awareness that is always and already available to you in the present moment.

As we’ve already said, change doesn’t happen in your mind. It happens through becoming aware in the present moment. Nothing changes without awareness.

You must become aware of something before you can consciously create it in a way that serves you, and that can’t happen when you’re lost in your noisy overloaded mind repeating the same old stories and meanings over and over again.

You must connect to the direct experience of your life in the present moment to be able to intentionally, deliberately, purposefully, consciously create the life you really want to experience.

When a thought pops into your head, label it as a thought. Identify what it’s telling you, the pictures you’re seeing about it, and any smells or other senses it triggers. Identify the feelings that come along with it. Don’t get involved in its story. Just notice it and let it drift off. Like a cloud in the sky. Trust me, another one will be right behind it!

Shift your Attention to what is happening right here right now, not the world in your head!

Connect to the direct experience of your life in the present moment. What is actually true, actually happening in that moment not in some thought-based story in your head.

As you do this more and more, the thoughts will come and go while you stay grounded in your life in the present moment. A life in which you now have the power of choice to consciously create exactly as you want to experience it.

Robert Bencivenga

About the author

I’ll be your guide on this journey.

I want to make sure you don’t wake up one day feeling your life has passed you by, and you haven’t lived your best life to its fullest!

I’ve studied ancient eastern spiritual philosophies, transformational psychology, and brain science for over 40 years. 

I developed simple practices that you can use anytime and anywhere, to help you create the life you deserve.

I share practical tools and insights, so you can live a life of your own choosing, regardless of your circumstances....

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