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What Keeps You from Feeling Whole and Complete…Are You Really Your Separate Self and Thought Identities?

By Robert Bencivenga


How We Created a Separate Self

It’s no surprise we feel inadequate based on living in a culture that’s always telling us we should do more, be more, and have more. Whether it be online, off-line, in our homes, or at work we’re always on this mission to be different than we are. The most destructive part of this is that because we are thinking it, we don’t question whether it’s even true, real, useful, or what we desire.

We create a world for ourselves focused on “If Only” I was this or that, then I would be peaceful, happy, and whole. We were born whole and yet we’ve chosen to create this separate false self that keeps us from realizing this, and at the same time it’s in a never-ending search to return to its wholeness.

We take thought-based identities to be our reality. Never stopping for a moment to realize that “reality” is a fluid state that we choose to believe, and that we are not our thoughts. Our thoughts come and go and yet we don’t come and go.

And having come from wholeness, deep down we know there’s something else going on if we can only connect to it again!

Awareness is Already and Always Within You

When you connect to Awareness in the present moment, it’s free of all the content of your mind and allows you to leave behind the limited thought identities you’ve come to believe as real and true.

Becoming Aware of what you’re experiencing in any moment is the beginning of being able to see the identities you’ve taken on and interrupt the pattern. It empowers you to consciously create the life you’d like to experience every moment of each day!

A life of your own choosing filled with wholeness, freedom, and power becomes possible.

5 Ways to Return to Wholeness

By being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and what’s happening in your body, you can now see what’s making you suffer.

Be conscious of what you’re telling yourself about your feelings.

Use your suffering as a warning signal that what you’re believing about yourself, or your situation is untrue and not aligned with your Higher Self and Source.

Withdraw your attention from your thoughts, feelings, stories, meanings, and beliefs. Get in touch with the Direct Experience of your life in the present moment instead of being lost in the content of your mind.

Welcome life in as it is right now… not how you want it to be or think it should be. Not what the false thinking of the separate self wants you to believe it is. But how it is, which empowers you to let go of the thought identities and limiting beliefs causing you to suffer and enables you to consciously create the Life You Really Want. One of your own choosing not one based on false, pre-programmed, unconscious thought identities.

Robert Bencivenga

About the author

I’ll be your guide on this journey.

I want to make sure you don’t wake up one day feeling your life has passed you by, and you haven’t lived your best life to its fullest!

I’ve studied ancient eastern spiritual philosophies, transformational psychology, and brain science for over 40 years. 

I developed simple practices that you can use anytime and anywhere, to help you create the life you deserve.

I share practical tools and insights, so you can live a life of your own choosing, regardless of your circumstances....

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